Garonas_Vilnietiškas žydų pasaulis_outline The book “Jewish World of Vilna“ is a collection of articles by famous journalist Aaron Garon, that were published in Yiddish in periodical publications, illustrated with archival material. The main part of the book is devoted to the „Lithuanian Jerusalem“ – Jewish Vilna between the two wars, to the diversity of public life, the eyewitness of which was the author himself, and also to the most outstanding personalities of that time. Aaron Garon (1919-2009) was born in Vilna where he spent almost all his life, the city that he loved and perfectly knew. The phenomenon of the prewar Vilna is described by the author with love to the Jewish culture and his native Yiddish language. After many decades, his vivid youth memories increased the desire to share them with future generations. The testimonies of every resident of the irretrievably lost “Lithuanian Jerusalem” are time priceless testimonies.