Icchokas Rudasevskis „Vilniaus geto dienorastis“ is a diary translated from original (Yiddish) language into Lithuanian by Mindaugas Kvietkauskas. The diary was discovered in July 1944 in the territory of former Vilna ghetto, in the attic of one of the houses in Dysna Street, written by a fifteen years old boy. The design of the diary is created by the book artist Sigute Chlebinskaite. The notes of Icchokas Rudasevskis (1927-1943) are well known to the world as the source of knowledge on Holocaust history. It differs from the diary of world-famous Jewish girl from Amsterdam – Ana Frank as it does not only describe the moments of personal life, but also the fight for survival of the whole Jewish community. There are a lot of stories about the gymnasium re-established in the ghetto, about cultural activities of pupils, theater of the ghetto, the inner fragmentation of the community struggling to survive and emerging castes of the ghetto.

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