CD “Four Musical Views on a Jewish Theme” (without magazine “Muzikos barai”)

On this CD “Four Musical Views on a Jewish Theme” you will find the most beautiful music pieces of Jewish composers Maurice Ravel, Aaron Copland, Darius Milhaud, and Dmitri Shostakovich performed by Liora Grodnikaitė (mezzo soprano), Prof Leonidas Melnikas (grand piano), Borisas Traubas (violin), Valentinas Kaplūnas (cello) and grand piano trio “Musica Camerata Baltica“. read more..


7.00 Eur 2.00 Eur 

Photography album by Irena Giedraitienė “Echoes of Memories“ (Lithuanian, English)

Photography album by Irena Giedraitienė is a book about the personal memory of long known friends, newly met people, family and friends. “Echoes of Memories“ is a distant echo of what people had to survive, it is the reflection of time, which passed and was lost by force. Time is... read more..


13.00 Eur 3.00 Eur

Leonidas Merkinas. A Life in Architecture (Lithuanian, English)

This book is a meeting with the architect Leonidas Merkinas (1948 – 2017). His life‘s activity was consistent creative process by an accomplished and intellectual architect inspired by accumulated inspired by accumulated knowledge, constantly updated information... read more..


20.00 Eur

5780 Jewish Calendar 2019/2020 (English, Lithuanian)

The year 2020 (5780) is special for Litvaks, no matter whether they live in Lithuania, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, The United States or anywhere else in the world. This year marks an important anniversary for the entire Jewish world, the 300th birthday of the great Jewish genius, spiritual leader and founder of the Litvak identity, the Vilna Gaon, and likewise the first synagogue in Vilnius, which later acquired the name the Great Synagogue.. read more..


10.00 Eur

Eligija Volodkevičiūtė, “The Grains of Miracha, the Mouse and their Friend the Cat“ (English)

We invite you to purchase a new book – novel for children in English by the known writer and scenarist. This book is a reminder of the hurtful Jewish history, adult and child’s life segment, which was spent in ghetto and rendered in personified form, which is closer to younger readers.. read more..


4.00 Eur 2.00 Eur

CD “From Litvak Music Heritage: Aerogram”

Hence this project – a meaningful attempt on part of a group of Lithuanian musicians to connect past and present by following the footprints of the Litvak music heritage. Four young, but prominent and one of the brightest Lithuanian performers – violinist Dalia Dėdinskaitė, cellist Gleb Pyšniak, pianist Robertas Lozinskis and vibraphonist Marius Šinkūnas – teamed up for a joint two-fold initiative: firstly, to record a collection of selected Lithuanian Jewish chamber music... read more..


8.00 Eur 5.00 Eur 

Shimon Lev “From Lithuania to Santiniketan. Schlomith Flaum & Rabindranath Tagore” (English)

The book “From Lithuania to Santiniketan. Schlomit Flaum & Rabindranath Tagore” is a report on the encounters of young Jewish women with 20th-century Indian thinkers, including Tagore and Gandhi... read more..


5.00 Eur Only 1 book left!

Casablanca of the North: Kaunas 1939 – 1940. The Exhibition Catalogue (Lithuanian, English, Japanese)

This publication is a catalogue published by Sugihara Diplomats for Life Foundation representing the exhibition at the Sugihara House in Kaunas. From the perspective of Kaunas of that time, the exhibition bears the symbolic name... read more..


5.00 Eur

Icchokas Rudasevskis „Vilniaus geto dienorastis“ (Lithuanian, Yiddish)

Icchokas Rudasevskis „Vilniaus geto dienorastis“ is a diary translated from original (Yiddish) language into Lithuanian by Mindaugas Kvietkauskas. The diary was discovered in July 1944 in the territory of former Vilna ghetto, in the attic of one of the houses in Dysna street, written by a fifteen years old boy. The design of the diary is created by the book artist Sigute Chlebinskaite... read more..


This book can be purchased at Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community's cafe "Beigel Shop" (Pylimo str. 4, Vilnius), the price of the book is 20 Eur.

Markas Petuchauskas, “Der Preis der Eintracht“ (in German)

Life provided the prisoner of Vilnius (Vilna) Ghetto, the famous theater critic and historian Markas Petuchauskas with such twists of fate, which you will not see even in the adventure movies. The author talks about people, who remained people during the Nazi and Soviet occupations in Lithuania… read more..


12.00 Eur

Aaron Garon “Jewish World of Vilna” (Lithuanian, Yiddish)

The book “Jewish World of Vilna“ is a collection of articles by famous journalist Aaron Garon, that were published in Yiddish in periodical publications, illustrated with archival material.. read more..

A Window on Jewish Vilna. A Lithuanian Judaica from the Collection of Mikhail Dushkes (Lithuanian, English)

This catalogue, is composed on the basis of a collector, businessman and sportsman Mikhail Dushkes exhibition “The Life of Vilnius Jews until Holocaust.. read more..


5.00 Eur

Friendship: In memoriam Leonidas Donskis. Petras Geniušas, Piano. DVD

Pianist Petras Geniušas and philosopher Leonidas Donskis, who died in 2016, were friends ted by creative partnership. They worked together on several artistic projects and planned many more of them. Concert, recorded in this DVD is dedicated to commemorate Leonidas Donskis and the friendship of the two prominent persons in Lithuania.. read more..


10.00 Eur

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