This book is about the world famous singer Michailas Aleksandrovičius (1914–2002) born in Latvia, Biržiai village. His impressive career as a singer began in Kaunas, where, before he was less than ten years old, he performed for the first time in a public concert at the State Theater (accompanied by L. Hofmekler), and received enthusiastic reviews and was named Wunderkind. The book describes the life path of a singer of complex destiny with documentary accuracy. World fame, beautiful and sad moments, blows and gifts of fate – all embodied by a journalist, translator and writer Leonid Machlis in a virtuoso combination of facts and personality maturity in a broad historical context, revealing the cultural, especially musical, political and social life of the 20th century pre- and post-war Europe and the United States. Michailas Aleksandrovičius is known in the world as a performer of Italian, Russian, Jewish opera arias and popular songs. He has also sung Lithuanian folk songs.
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