Two short stories by Avrom Reyzen – “The Tree” and “The Factory” – have been published in the latest book. The publishers say that the new book will surprise loyal readers, and it is hoped that those who pick up a book for the first time will be encouraged to turn to the previously published books as well. A. Reyzen’s works reveal a sad poetics of realism. The short stories “The Tree” and “The Factory” explore human relationships, the connection between man and nature, and talk about painful losses. The works reveal that bereavement is not only the loss of a loved one. Watching a tree or stream die can be just as excruciating. These are short stories that develop emotional maturity. In their content, expression and existential utterances, they are close to the most prominent classical works of Lithuanian literature.

“Slinktys” Publishing house, in cooperation with Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community and YIVO Institute, have started to publish books for children. The series of books were written almost 100 years ago and now were translated from Yiddish into Lithuanian language. The books contain authentic illustrations.

Price 5 Eur.