The fun-filled and playfully written fairy tale tells the story of a mother and her three sons – Sloth, Eater and Piper. The fate of the brothers and mother is not the best – they hide in a small hut and live a poor life. And what about the bigger and smaller flaws of the brothers: one is obviously lazy, the other eats excessively, and the third’s greatest pleasure is blowing the pipe and making noise. Fate gives everyone a test (after all, that’s how it should be in a fairy tale) – the brothers and mother will have to overcome a difficult journey, climb an invincible mountain to a stingy uncle with a crow’s beak and hawk’s claws, carry an unbearable burden on their shoulders and learn something they have never done before. Only after overcoming the winding paths of the fairy tale will you find out whether the deserving one will receive the punishment and whether the bravest ones will be rewarded for their efforts.

“Slinktys” Publishing house, in cooperation with Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community and YIVO Institute, have started to publish books for children. The series of books were written almost 100 years ago and now were translated from Yiddish into Lithuanian language. The books provide authentic illustrations and were sound recorded by actor Eimantas Bareikis (sound director and composer – Simon Gimelstein), and anyone with a QR app on their mobile device are able to listen to them.

Price 6 Eur.