The adventures of Neras and Šansas continue. This time the story is about how a simple misunderstanding can turn into an unexpected story. Even the best intentions don’t always work out the way you expect. But it is still possible to organize a celebration, because the characters strive for this by helping each other.

This second part of a children’s fairy tale written by Lea Ben Shlomo and illustrated by Ilya Bereznickas is about how the best wishes and intentions don’t always come true exactly as you expect them to. But the toys and their friends become alive and prove that, by helping each other, we can achieve even impossible. This colorful and fun story is full of adventures, emotions and real magic.

Children are taught to recognize the value of things (and not only things) not only because of their novelty, shine or popularity, but also because of deeper, less obvious qualities such as experience, diligence, creativity, uniqueness, etc.

This is the fourth part of this fairy tale. You can read the first three parts in the book “Magic of the Night” published in 2020.

Price 8 Eur.