In the book “Jews in Lithuanian Literature”, Vytautas Toleikis steps into the territory that only few scholars have explored, into a historically and culturally sensitive topic – he begins to study how the relations between Lithuanians and Jews were reflected in fiction in the Lithuanian language – from the first texts until the Second World War or even later.

The author ventures into a thought experiment – what can we say about society based on fiction texts and taking into account the surrounding historical context – press, letters and memoirs? In this set of texts, can we perceive the formation processes of the consciousness of the Lithuanian nation? Can we find manifestations of anti-Semitism, anti-Judaism in the texts? Is Lithuania unique in the European context of that time? The study full of rich sources invites readers to get to know the material and try to answer these questions for themselves, there is no attempt to offer the only correct interpretation. The author chooses to reveal the context of difficult situations and carefully offer his own assessments. This book is an opportunity to see well-known heroes in a new context – Simonas Daukantas, Motiejus Valančius, Antanas Tatarė, Antanas Vienažindis, Jonas Basanavičius, Vincas Kudirka, Gabrielius Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, Petras Vileišis, Povilas Višinskis, Žemaitė, Vaižgantas and many others.

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