2015.02.03 New call for project proposals

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1.  General information

–   Deadline for submission: 1st June, 2015.

–   Eligibility period: projects can start no earlier than 7th July 2015 m. An exact end date of the project must be indicated in the project application form by an applicant.


2.  Eligible types of projects

–   The GWF will fund projects  targeting the religious, cultural, health care, sports, educational and scientific goals pursued by Lithuanian Jews in Lithuania.


3.  Eligible applicants

–   Project proposals can be submitted by juridical persons (organizations, NGOs, etc.) only.


4.  Funding

–   The GWF can fund up to 70% of the total project cost, but no more than 30,000.00 EUR. In exceptional cases, if an applicant can present a certificate from the Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community confirming particular project‘s significance to the Lithuanian Jews, the Board of the GWF can allocate higher amount and/or higher percentage for project funding.

–   Funds will be transferred in instalments for every quarter of calendar year. If the GWF allocates up to 7,500.00 EUR, the funds will be transferred in one instalment.

–   An applicant can dedicate up to 20 % of the amount requested from the GWF for administrative costs. Up to 10 % of the amount requested from the GWF can be dedicated for unforeseen expenses.

–   GWF‘s funds have to be kept and accounted in a separate bank account.

–   If a decision to fund a project is made by the Board, an applicant and the GWF will sign a funding agreement, stating further detailed terms. In case the procedures and rules of the GWF are breached, the total amount received from the GWF will have to be returned back to the GWF in 14 calendar days upon written request.

–   The GWF will not compensate any expenses incurred before the signing of funding agreement between an applicant and the GWF.


5.  Reports

–   An applicant must submit financial and activity reports.

–   Financial reports have to be submitted for every past quarter of the calendar year until the 15th day of the next quarter of the year (for instance, until October 15th a report of the second quarter (months of July, August and September) of the calendar year must be submitted). Further funds will not be transferred until the report of the past quarter is submitted. Financial report is cumulative: the last report must include information about all previous quarters of the calendar year. The final financial report must be submitted in 30 calendar days after the project completion date, which is stated in the financial agreement. After the project is completed, any unused funds have to be transferred back to the GWF‘s bank account.

–   The final activity report must be submitted in 30 calendar days after the project completion date, as stated in the financial agreement.


6.  Application procedure

–   Applicants must submit paper versions of a project application (one original, signed by the head of organization) and budget (one original, signed by the head of organization) forms as well as necessary annexes (as indicated in the project application form). Necessary forms can be found at www.gvf.lt/en/projects. 

–   Identical electronic versions of project application and project budget forms also have to be submitted (sent to info@gvf.lt or delivered in a USB key/CD).

–   Incorrect applications (consisting of application form, budget form and necessary annexes) and/or the ones submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

–   Applications are submitted by delivery to the GWF‘s office (address: Pylimo g. 4, LT-01117, Vilnius, Lietuva). Post office seal with a date will be considered as an application submission date.


7.  Assessment of project applications

–   All applications, which will be received, registered and conform to aforementioned formal administrative requirements, will be passed to the Project Selection Comittee. The Committee will assess all applications according to the GWF‘s criteria (relevance/significance/value to Jews in Lithuania; artistic, educational, social, etc. value) and provide recommendations to the Board about project funding.

–   The Board will make final decisions about project funding until 30th June, 2015.

–   Applicants will be informed about Board decisions until 7th July, 2015. Project funding agreements will be signed with selected applicants. A list of selected projects will be published at GWF‘s website (www.gvf.lt) until 7th July, 2015.