Echoes of Memory Photo Exhibit by Irena Giedraitienė Opens

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The ceremonial opening of an exhibition of photo albums and photography by photography artist Irena Giedraitienė called “Echoes of Memory” was held at the Lithuanian Jewish Community on January 14. The exhibit features images of survivors of ghettos and concentration camps in Lithuania and abroad, and of rescuers of Jews.

Lithuanian Jewish Community chairwoman Faina Kukliansky introduced the artist and her work to the international audience at the event. Israeli embassy deputy chief of mission Yehuda Gidron commented the faces in the portraits on exhibit not only captured moments in time and the personalities and characters of the people, but also showed some of them smiling, conveying optimism and hope. Tobias Jafetas, a representative of the Union of Former Concentration Camp and Ghetto Prisoners, thanked the artist for her work commemorating Holocaust survivors in photos which will inform future generations. Other speakers spoke about the artist’s work and life as well.

At the end of the opening ceremony Giedraitienė thanked the Goodwill Fund, project participants and all the people who turned out for the event. She said the project both commemorated and honored unique personalities and was an opportunity to meet and work with many different people without whom the exhibit would never have come about. She said future exhibits were also planned.

The exhibit and opening ceremony received support from the Goodwill Fund and the Lithuanian Jewish Community.