Inspections of projects financed by Foundation had been conducted

Inspections of projects financed by Foundation had been conducted

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Planned and unplanned inspections on the spot of projects’ implementation were conducted on 6th October-8th November in 2016 according to the director’s order No. 30 which was accepted on 9th August in 2016 under the document of activity monitoring, activity and financial reports for inspection and approval procedures on projects financed by funds of Good will compensations for real estate of Jewish religious communities.

The objective of these inspections is to help projects’ executors by organizing better their planned activity, identifying and spreading innovative working practice and preventing the most common mistakes. During the inspection documentation of project’s content and finances is reviewed and project’s process and results are discussed with the head, responsible workers of project’s executors and accountants of inspected institution.

During the inspection actual data is examined for matching project’s financial and activity reports, which were submitted by project’s executors after each implementation stage. Members of inspection group analyze gathered information and evaluate whether information of these reports is correct and accurate, whether project’s executor accounted for implemented works and researches, provided services and purchased items, whether the funds were being used for its intended purpose.

These projects were inspected during the period of 6th October-8th November, 2016:

– “Project of Developing Jewish Community of Ukmergė “, executor Jewish community of Ukmergė region;

– “Project of Developing Jewish Community of Panevėžys”, executor Jewish community of Panevėžys city;

– “Fostering of Jewish Traditions and Customs”, executor Jewish community of Šiauliai district;

– “Project of Developing Jewish Community of Kaunas “, executor Jewish community of Kaunas city;

– „Project of Developing Jewish Community of Klaipėda”, executor Jewish community of Klaipėda city;

– “Shining screens, talking stones. Reflections of Lithuanian Jews Heritage, executor Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights;

– “Guide “Vilnius: Lietuvos Jeruzalės pėdsakais [Vilnius: On Traces of Lithuanian Jerusalem]“ by authors Genrichas Agranovskis and Irina Guzenberg, second revised edition“, executor Irina Guzenberg;

– “History of Holocaust – Bridge Between the Past and the Future”, executor Rožyno gymnasium of Panevėžys;

– “Tools for Preserving Cultural Heritage of Jewish (Litvaks) Community of Lithuania”,

– “Development of Youth Programs and Organization of Winter Camps for Children of Jewish Community of Lithuania (PROGRAMS OF ILAN, KNAFAIM, REGIONS, MADRICH SCHOOLS)“, executor Jewish Community of Lithuania;

– “Exhibition of Modern Photographer Sharon Ya‘ari from Israel held at National Gallery of Art”, executor Jewish Community of Lithuania.

Inspections are conducted regularly. We hope that information and recommendations gathered during inspections will not only help to work more efficiently, but also will ensure further clarity and proper use of funds for financing projects by Good will compensations for real estate of Jewish religious communities.