Performance audit of Foundation starts

Performance audit of Foundation starts

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Good Will Foundation is a young organization, which has already gained a lot of experience in financing and monitoring the implementation of projects. In order to make our activity more efficient and transparent, and to ensure the best process of making decisions and monitoring project implementation, the Board of Good Will Foundation decided to apply to international audit companies with the greatest experience, whose branches are located in Lithuania and to carry out performance audit of Good Will Foundation with the help of one company which will be selected after the competition.

Policies of asset management and disposition, allocation mechanisms for the implementation of projects and all operational functions and procedures of making decisions will be reviewed during the audit. After finishing the audit, the audit company will develop recommendations for corrective solutions to make the performance of Good Will Foundation and the monitoring of implementation of projects more efficient.

We are pleased to announce that today a contract for performance audit services with JSC PricewaterhouseCoopers was signed. We believe that audit and recommendations of it will be a great tool, which will help to implement the objective of Good Will Foundation to become the best practical example of organization, which finances the implementation of projects.

During the audit, the audit company is planning to visit organizations which implement the projects. Good Will Foundation invites executors of projects to cooperate with the audit company by presenting requested documents related to implementation of the project. Organizations implementing the projects will be informed about visits of the audit in advance.