Informational note regarding PE “Menachemo namai” school

Informational note regarding PE “Menachemo namai” school

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We inform that PI “The Foundation for Disposal of Good Will Compensation for the Immovable Property of Jewish Religious Communities” (hereinafter – the Good Will Foundation) received an ordinance of bailiff Dalius Traigys, No. of ordinance 44 241 2016 12 06 774, which states that PI “Menachemo namai” (legal entity code 302851682) has a debt of 99 916,73 EUR for State Social Insurance Fund Board Vilnius city division and Good Will Foundation is obligated to transfer financial funds, which should be paid, if any, to PI school “Menachemo namai”, to deposit account of bailiff Dalius Traigys.

The Good Will Foundation had information about possible financial difficulties of PI school “Menachemo namai” and acted far-sighted and carefully by making decision not to allocate partial funding for projects submitted by PI school “Menachemo namai”. Otherwise, funds of the Good Will Foundation would have never reached the implementation objectives of projects, whose applications were submitted by PI school “Menachemo namai” for funding, while these funds would be used to cover available creditor debt of PI school “Menachemo namai”.

For more specific information pleace contact:

Lawyer Linas Makaveckas and Valentas Gailius