We Kindly Introduce You the Article about World ORT Education System

We Kindly Introduce You the Article about World ORT Education System

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We introduce you the article in The Jerusalem Post  “Strengthening Communities Through World ORT Education”, in which the ORT education programs of Jewish children in Eastern Europe are introduced. Among those schools – Vilnius Sholom Aleichem ORT gymnasium. Ruth Reches, a Hebrew teacher and psychologist at the gymnasium, explained that the school utilizes the Tal Am system to teach values, traditions and the Hebrew language. Ruth also notes that many parents of the children who attend the school learn about Judaism through their children: “The children come home and explain to their parents about the holidays – what to eat, what to pray. This is how the parents learn.”

A World ORT Technology Center was installed at the Shalom Aleichem ORT gymnasium, World ORT students receive Jewish education alongside leading STEM technology studies. The school participates in various projects and programs, bonding the ties with Israeli education institutions.

Read the whole article here: https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Strengthening-communities-through-World-ORT-education-585731?fbclid=IwAR1rS8aZdyXnX-_YDi8b5ObZ0ylDu9kGIsdvUjxS8qLy3c2STRDp9enrLIc

STEM technology project implementation is partially financed by the Good Will Foundation, project is being implemented by Sholom Aleichem ORT gymnasium, project No. PR/GVF-220/2017.