Good Will Foundation Asks to Support the Implementation of Projects to Commemorate Vilnius Gaon and Lithuanian Jewish History in 2020

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Having in mind that in 2020 we will commemorate the 300th anniversary of the greatest Lithuanian rabbi, Litvak Misnagdim religious leader, famous Litvak Vilnius Gaon Elijah ben Solomon Zalman. The year 2020 are officially announced as the year OF Vilnius Gaon and Lithuanian Jewish history by Lithuanian Parliament. Lithuanian Jews are inseparable part of Lithuanian society since the times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Jewish community contributed significantly to the development of Lithuanian statehood, history, culture and science. Vilnius Gaon (1720-1797) is one of the most prominent figures in Jewish culture of all times. It was he – the unique expert of collection of Judaic religious writings – Talmud, who contributed to Vilnius becoming a center of European Jewish intellectual, cultural and political life. Mostly because of his merits Vilnius received the name ‘Lithuanian Jerusalem’ and ‘Cultural Citadel’.

Good Will Foundation (hereinafter – GWF) will announce a call for project applications to implement the projects as does it yearly, nevertheless the sum of the financing will not differ from the previous years. In order to grant the funding for more applications to implement various quality project activities, GWF asks for support, which will be used to finance valuable projects, that will not suffice the Good Will Foundation financing. Your support will contribute to fostering of more than 700 years of Lithuanian Jewish history as inseparable part of Lithuanian history and will develop relationships of all Jewish people living in Lithuania and beyond with Lithuanian state.