Markas Petuchauskas, “Der Preis der Eintracht“ (in German)

Markas Petuchauskas, “Der Preis der Eintracht“ (in German)

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Life provided the prisoner of Vilnius (Vilna) Ghetto, the famous theater critic and historian Markas Petuchauskas with such twists of fate, which you will not see even in the adventure movies. The author talks about people, who remained people during the Nazi and Soviet occupations in Lithuania. About those, who risked the life of their children in order to save the most important being on this planet – a human.

The author revealed mesmerizingly the tremendous sources of Litvaks’ art – unknown became known, memories became present. Markas Petuchauskas saw all the plays of Vilnius (Vilna) Ghetto and memorized their directors – the famous artists of Lithuanian Jerusalem.

This publication is a translation into German language, illustrated with photos, which are important and organic continuity of the story together with the comprehensive comments by the author. A big part of the book is dedicated for the Theater of Vilnius (Vilna) Ghetto. Markas Petuchauskas was the first to speak loudly about the art center, which was unknown for the circle of professionals earlier. The author revealed the Theater of Ghetto, which is unique in the European scale and is now widely accepted. Its small stage contained the huge cultural continent of Lithuanian Jerusalem, which was created by heroic effort of artists under the conditions of ruthless Nazi regime terror. The book reveals how the Ghetto became the spiritual and emotional symbol of resistance against the Nazi regime due to the theater. How Vilnius city spread the seeds of tolerance being multinational and multicultural since the times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Although national cultures debated with each other, strong intellectual potential of nations, which lived here, was able to overcome all disagreements. Nowadays we notice bright reflections of tolerance and ideas of consolidation, while thinking about the strength of Vilnius (Vilna) Ghetto spirit. They matched with the experience of European Holocaust and promoted to unite against the Nazism. It gradually formed the idea of union and aspiration to be closer in European nations, which accepted the principles of western democracy.

Markas Petuchauskas, “Der Preis der Eintracht“ (auf Deutsch)

Das Buch erzählt vom Leben und dem Theater im Wilnaer Getto. Von der Rettung des Autors durch Mitbürger mit Gewissen. Vom Leben als Jude und Intellektueller unter der Sowjetherrschaft und später im wieder freien Litauen. Vom Engagement für das Wiederaufleben der jüdischen Kultur in Vilnius and ganz Litauen sowie dem Einsatz für den Dialog der Kulturen. Der Leser trifft auf weltberühmte und weniger bekannte Litwaken. Und schlieβlich berichtet Markas Petuchauskas von der exemplarischen Geschichte seiner Familie, deren Mitglieder über die ganze Welt verstreut leben. Ein Buch, das zur Versöhnung und Eintracht aufruft und ihren Preis aufzeigt.

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