We invite you to see a film about Švėkšna Jewish community

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The short film “Švėkšna Jewish Community: history and heritage” is the narrative of two people and their families, who survived the Holocaust about Jewish life in Švėkšna and Jewish history in Švėkšna town as well as Jewish heritage which can be found until this day. Composer Banhardas Calzonas (born 1948) and Naftal Zivo (born 1924) tells about their memories and helps the viewer to travel in time through the streets of Švėkšna town.

You can see the film here: https://gvf.lt/en/about-us/projects-publicity/

The film created with partial funding of the Good Will Foundation implementing Hugas Šojus museum project No. GVF-31/2018(2)PR.