Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Holocaust

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On October 27, 3 pm, the Foundation for the Support of Lithuanian Musicians invites you to the House of Stasys Vainiūnas (A. Goštauto g. 2-41, Vilnius) where musicologist Vaclovas Juodpusis will present the creative legacy of Lithuanian Jewish musicians who died in Vilnius and Kaunas ghettos. Also the film “…mūsiškiai žydų muzikai“ by journalist Saulius Sondeckis will be shown.

Opportunity pass and face masks are required.

Pre-registration is required: or tel. (85) 2613171

Also we would like to inform you that on October 21, at the Pakruojis Synagogue, Liucija Stulgienė, the director of the Foundation for the Support of Lithuanian Musicians, presented the film “… mūsiškiai žydų muzikai” by journalist Saulius Sondeckis to the people of Pakruojis and presented a copy of the film to the synagogue. Also, V. Juodpusis presented the book “Tai buvo… Muzikinės kultūros atspindžiai, 3” (It was … Reflections of Musical Culture, 3). Soloist Dovilė Kazonaitė (soprano) and associate professor Aistė Bružaitė, who plays kanklės, performed a concert with the works by Jewish and Lithuanian composers.

On October 21, musicologist Vaclovas Juodpusis at the Pakruojis Synagogue standing next to a painting by Jewish musician and folk artist Zenonas Knižnikovas, donated by the author’s family to the Stasys Vainiūnas House of the Foundation for the Support of Lithuanian Musicians after an exhibition of his works at the Stasys Vainiūnas House.