“Musical Agora” of the National Student Academy in Kaunas

“Musical Agora” of the National Student Academy in Kaunas

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On September 3, the National Academy of Students invited everyone to the “Musical Agora” concert in Kaunas.

For the past two years, the main teaching direction of the Academy’s music section has been the musical legacy of Lithuanian Jewish (Litvaks) composers, their role in the world of Lithuanian music; students were introduced to the history and cultural and musical heritage of the world and Lithuanian Jews. Litvak music was played at the concert!

Viltė Bagdžiūtė (flute), Paulina Banaitytė (violin), Ema Fedorcovaitė (violin), Rugilė Juknevičiūtė (cello), Amelija Lapinskaitė (clarinet), Dovydas Levickis (cello), Julija Rockina (piano), Taja Sokaitė (flute), Karolina Stonytė (piano), Simonas Šablevičius (clarinet) created musical magic at the concert. Of course, the concert would not have been successful without the wonderful leaders of the Music Section: Žilvinas Brazauskas (clarinet), Natania Hoffman (cello), Robert Lozinsky (piano).

The section’s activities were partially financed by the Good Will Foundation.