PE Good Will Foundation announce a call for project applications!

PE Good Will Foundation announce a call for project applications!

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PE Good Will Foundation calls for submission of applications for project funding. The submission of project applications is open until October 11, 2022. Please follow the Guidelines for Projects financed by Good Will Foundation (hereinafter – the Guidelines; see below) while filling the application form.

Please note, that project applicant, that received the funding and signed the Partial Financing Agreement with PE Good Will Foundation will have to report for the Good Will Foundation for all expenses foreseen in project cost estimate (1 Appendix in the Guidelines) i.e. not only for the funds allocated by the Good Will Foundation, but for the whole value of the project. Also, by reporting project implementation for every quarter, project executor has to submit for the Good Will Foundation all documents justifying the expenses (e.g. invoices, payment documents and other financial documents).

Document forms:


In accordance with the 2022 call for proposals announced by the GWF, applications for the implementation of projects can be submitted by legal entities registered in the Republic of Lithuania and operating in the manner established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and in the fields related to Jews, such as carrying out educational, training, religious, as well as scientific, cultural, health care and other activities beneficial to society in order to implement the key needs of Lithuanian Jews, which are implemented by the Lithuanian Jewish (Litvaks) community and its members (legal entities).

For consultations and concerns please contact:

Project manager Natalija Koriapina, email:, tel.: +370 5 261 12 59 or Project manager Rolandas Černiauskas, email:, tel.: +370 5 261 12 59.