Romanas Borisovas’s watercolor exhibition “Vilnius, but Different” at Švėkšna Synagogue

Romanas Borisovas’s watercolor exhibition “Vilnius, but Different” at Švėkšna Synagogue

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Švėkšna Museum together with the artist Romanas Borisovas on 14 October in ŠVĖKŠNA SYNAGOGUE (Liepų a. 12, Švėkšna) presented the author’s watercolor exhibition “Vilnius, but Different”. On this day, the unveiling of the Memorial Sign at the Švėkšna Synagogue and meetings with the artist Romanas Borisovas took place. The commemorative plaque was donated to the Švėkšna Museum by the Jakovas Bunka Charitable Foundation and was erected in front of the synagogue building.

The opening of the exhibition in Švėkšna Synagogue took place twice: in the daytime and after dark in the evening. As the exhibition was part of the Pumpkin-Lantern Festival “We are the Light 2023” and took place during the festival, the exhibition was visited by close to 1,000 visitors in one day.

The exhibition featured works showing the former streets of the Vilnius Ghetto, Jewish buildings, special lighting provided by Eventech, with funding from the main sponsor and partner of the exhibition, the Good Will Foundation.

The exhibition “Vilnius, but Different” was exhibited in the yet-to-be-finished Švėkšna Synagogue, so visitors were attracted not only by the works, but also by the place itself. In 2018, restoration work began on the Švėkšna Synagogue, which was built in 1928: the roof was replaced, the second floor – the women’s gallery – was renovated, and the façade of the building was restored. In 2021, work started inside the building, but due to a lack of funding, work stopped and has not yet resumed. Funding opportunities are being sought to adapt the building for cultural purposes by establishing a Švėkšna Museum with a concert and exhibition hall. This event proved once again the need for the building and the opportunities it offers for the presentation of professional art to visitors.


Briefly about the author of the exhibition:

Romanas Borisovas is a driven, searching, strong, and creative personality. The artist is faithful to the traditional, realistic conception of art and classical watercolor. Particular and easily recognizable artistic style. His creative style and active civic stance make him visible not only in the community of artists.

R. Borisovas was born and raised in Vilnius. The formation of the artist’s worldview and creative attitudes was greatly influenced by the warm, cozy home environment, parents’ views, memories, books on art and architecture in the home library.

The artist’s mother, an artistic nature, fluent in several languages, and originally from East Prussia, gave her son the foundations that would later encourage him to develop on his own.

After graduating in design from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts (formerly the Institute of Fine Arts), he worked for many years as a designer, but always found time for his favorite pastimes – studying medieval European urbanism and casting architectural watercolors.

The themes of his beloved Vilnius stand out like a red thread in his work. Later on, the artist became interested in the architectural heritage of Western Europe. As he travelled, he gradually created cycles of sketches of Germany, France, USA, England, Scotland and other countries. The artist was also familiar with the marine theme.

Information provided by Monika Žąsytienė, museum assistant of the Hugo Scheu Museum in Šilutė.