Commemoration of International Holocaust Victims’ Day in Panevėžys

Commemoration of International Holocaust Victims’ Day in Panevėžys

The Jewish Community of Panevėžys invites you to take part in an event commemorating the International Holocaust Victims Day. The commemoration of this date dates back to 1945, when the prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp were liberated on 27 January, while World War II was still ongoing. Auschwitz was the largest concentration and extermination camp set up by Nazi Germany, where around 1.5 million people were killed, of whom around 1 million were Jews.

The event will take place on 26 January 2024 at 13:00, at the Jewish Cemetery of Panevėžys, near the memorial “Sad Jewish Mother”, Memory Square, 16 Vasario St. Panevėžys.


13:00 Opening ceremony, laying of wreaths at the memorial “Sad Jewish Mother”, presentations;

  • Participants: Panevėžys City Municipality Mayor Rytis Račkauskas, Panevėžys District Municipality Mayor Antanas Pocius, schoolchildren and other distinguished guests.
  • At the headquarters of the Panevėžys Jewish Community at 18 Ramygalos str. Panevėžys

14:00 Conference with members and partners of the Jewish Community of Panevėžys, screening of films about the Holocaust.

Pre-registration is required at the contacts below:

Chair of Panevėžys Jewish Community +370 61120882, e-mail:

Administrator of Panevėžys Jewish Community +370 61017608

Photo © G. Kartanas. A moment from 27 January 2023, commemoration event of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Panevėžys.